2014’s Best Golf Putters based on performance

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Nearly every putter brand proclaims that their golf putters are the best in the industry. Knowing the best putter brand can be a little difficult especially without help. Golf Digest put together a hot list based on several factors including: performance, award, street price, look/feel/sound, demand or innovation.

This list of top 10 putter brands is based on performance:

golf puttersHaving five stars on performance, the Ping Karsten TR tops Golf Digest’s Hot List of putter brands based on performance. Variable-depth grooves are milled directly into the face, as opposed to the milled inserts in the Scottsdale TR putters. This provides unmatched distance control. Grooves are deepest in the center and shallower towards the perimeter. This improves ball-speed consistency and distance control. The Ping Karsten TR is available in a fixed-length shaft and in an adjustable version that can be modified between 31 inches and 38 inches.

Ranking second is the Ping Nome TR. Just like the Karsten TR, the face features variable-depth grooves that promote consistent impact across the face. Although the size is not subtle, these prototypical golf putters exude consistency. The Nome TR offers easy alignment and distance control. The bold alignment feature makes the head easy to aim. Three shaft bends are available to suit every stroke type.

Third on the list is the Ping Scottsdale TR. This putter is designed to produce similar results on strikes all over the face. The body is 17-4 stainless steel and the insert is aerospace-grade 6061 T6 aluminium that is made to replicate the sound and feel of a traditional steel face. Adjustable-length shafts optimize the fit.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select GoLo5 ranks fourth in Golf Digest’s Hot List based on performance. These golf putters comes with a Pistolero grip and two neck configurations that allow its user to choose their preferred set-up appearance and dynamic feel. It features an aluminium soleplate with an internal ring and a CNC-milled stainless steel body to enhance the sound.

Fifth place goes to the Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport. Some claims that this putter is like as reliable, consistent and trustworthy as an old friend. The face is milled from 303 stainless steel and the standard loft has been reduced from previous models to 3A  degrees.

Although the red label on the face cheapens the look, Odyssey White Hot Pro Series (blade) lands on the sixth place. The gunmetal finish is intended to reduce glare while the new insert-casting process produces more precise thickness and flatness tolerance for improved consistency.

Seventh on Golf Digest’s Hot List is Odyssey White Hot Pro Series (mallet). Instead of injection-molded inserts, the White Hot insert is cast which gives the material a more consistent molecular structure. The result is an insert that has more reliable thickness, flatness, sound and feel.

The Ping Scottsdale TR (blade) ranks eight on Golf Digest’s Hot List. The aluminium face plate of this putter has deeper grooves towards the center compared to the grooves at the toe and heel. This counteracts the loss of ball speed that comes with mis-hits.

Landing on the ninth place is the TaylorMade Ghost Spider S putter. Many claim that this is the best Spider yet. There is a slant-hosed model with its 30 degrees of toe hand that is best for those with arced strokes. The face-balanced single-bend-shaft model is best for straight strokes.

Tenth place goes to TaylorMade Ghost Spider S Slant. The lightweight aluminum centre and the heavy steel frame place the moment of Inertia among the highest Golf Digest had reviewed. The PureRoll Surlyn insert balances incredibly soft with solid in its feel. It also has a smooth roll off the face. Focus, accurate aim, and stroke awareness are efficiently provided by the black or white frame and single white centre-line promotes focus, accurate aim and stroke awareness.

While choosing one of these golf putters can help a player, these brands cost much. If you only happen to play golf as a hobby, there is no need to invest in pricey putters such as these.

Icelandic Fish Oil: Supporting all People of All Ages

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Icelandic fish oil is one of the most famous brands among the fish oil supplement markets. Aside from its high quantity of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, it is manufactured with the utmost quality possible by molecular distillation, a process that provides a 100% toxin-free result. Fishes used in its manufacture are naturally from Iceland, a country that is famously known far and wide for its clean, non-polluted and pure waters. Iceland is also a cold country, and it is believed that fishes which thrive in deeper, colder regions have higher Omega 3 content compared to fishes which usually delve in warm waters.

This property of Icelandic fish oil is specifically important to avid fish oil supplement consumers, because it means that they can supply their body with Omega 3 while not being scared of having to swallow and digest mercury and other dangerous chemicals present in the supplement.

Icelandic fish oil is contained in enteric, soft-gel capsules. These capsules are easy to swallow and digest, and the health benefits inside it is all for the taking. Different people of different ages can get as many benefits as possible from this amazing fish oil.


fish oilFish oil brings good news to babies and young kiddos alike. According to some research, the body and brain size are larger for fetuses with mothers having regular fish oil or fish meat intake. An intake of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as folic acid by pregnant women is greatly emphasized by doctors, because both help in minimizing the probability of the fetus to develop brain disease and other anomalies like mental retardation.

Omega 3 fatty acids promote brain development in infants and toddlers. There have been studies as well linking the Omega 3’s role in treating developmental problems among children such as ADHD and autism.


One inevitable sign of aging is development of arthritis and joint pains. Omega 3 fatty acids can significantly reduce joint pains and even help in inflammation problems of the elderly, like rheumatism. These fatty acids also help in maintaining blood pressure.


Icelandic fish oil aids in beauty as well. There have been researches that back up the ability of Omega 3 to considerably minimize varicose veins, which is a circulatory system disease. Moreover, younger-looking skin is observed among women who are in regular intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.


Studies have correlated Omega 3 fatty acids to lowered risk of heart disease and strokes. Omega 3 fatty acids, in appropriate amounts, can decrease the low-density lipoproteins or LDL in the body, which is bad cholesterol. Consequently, the probability of developing heart attacks and other cardiovascular disease is also reduced.


There have been clinical evidences which conclusively relate Omega 3 from fish oil to treatment of mental health problems including depressions, as well as cognitive deterioration or dementia. However, more studies are continuously being carried out by experts to further prove these claims.

Naturally molecularly distilled Icelandic fish oil for purity and potency

Choosing Solo 401K Providers

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As an independent contractor it is vital that you ensure that you have a plan for your retirement. You should ensure that you can retire comfortably whether your business continues to run or not. A solo 401K scheme is one of the best options for investing in your future. To get a solo 401K account, you will need solo 401k providers. These are companies that manage your solo 401K account on your behalf. For anyone who has attempted to choose a provider, you will understand that this is not the easiest process. There are various providers that are not reliable.

The following are tips to help you identify reliable solo 401K providers.


It is important to check that the provider has the knowledge and experience to handle this type of investment. You should ensure that you will get the best advice and management for your account. You should therefore check to see what types of accounts the providers have been handling in the past.
There are some companies that deal with specific retirement accounts e.g. solo 401k or self directed 401K. If you are interested in a specific type of account and have already made your mind up, you may find it easier and more profitable to deal with a specialist company.


It is important to ensure that the solo 401k Providers have the right training to enable them to properly manage your account. Ask the providers that you have approached what their educational background is and ensure that they are from accredited institutions. A great mix of education and experience is sure to produce great fruit.


One of the most important factors self employed individuals consider when searching for solo 401K providers is the cost of their services. It is important to ensure that you are choosing a service that you can afford for the long term. An expensive service may not be sustainable for you and will therefore not allow you to benefit from the account in your twilight years.

Take your time to contact several solo 401K providers to request them for quotations. Ask them to include details of their services and a break down of the costs. You will therefore be able to compare the services in detail and determine which service offers greater worth. It is important to take your time when selecting a solo 401k provider. Ensure that you choose a provider that will meet your requirements.

Outdoor Sectional: Commonly Utilized Materials

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When shopping for an outdoor sectional, you will have a vast variety to choose from. There are many options of materials that are utilized in making outdoor sectionals. One of the materials that are utilized is plastic. If you are looking for a sectional made of some thick, sturdy materials yet light to lift, plastic would be the best option. Due to the light weight of plastic, chairs made from it are easy to lift and they can be easily moved from one place to the other. The plastic sectionals are available in many colors to choose from. You are free to buy some matching cushions.

Another material commonly used in making an outdoor sectional is tubular metal. The metallic sectionals are advantageous since they are very durable. Compare to other types of materials used in making sectionals, metal is the most durable. The metallic options come in a variety of colors accompanied by some matching cushions. Some of the sectionals are equipped with some wheels and this makes moving the chairs very easy. Though the metallic sectionals may not be as weather resistant as the plastic options, they are easy to maintain. Some of the maintenance procedures that may be necessary with the metallic seats include regular repainting.

The most elegant outdoor sectional could be that made from wood. For making outdoor sectionals, some weather resistant wood such as teak and cedar is utilized. The weather resistant wood will not rot when rained on or chirp when exposed to hot weather conditions. The wooden sectionals come accompanied with some matching cushions. Unlike the plastic sectionals, those made from wood are likely to be heavier. To avoid straining while moving them from one place to the other, they also come with some accompanying wheels. You can wheel them across the compound with relative ease.

To further prolong the life of your outdoor sectional, you would paint it with the sealant that is commonly used on wooden decks. This will indeed help to prolong its life and beauty as well. Investing in an outdoor sectional involves parting with some considerable amount of money. However, if you consider the level of comfort that will come with the sectional, you will realize that it is indeed a worthy investment. The benefits that come with owning a sectional outweighs the costs incurred in acquiring one by far. When buying a sectional, you need to evaluate several options. Determine the strengths and the weaknesses of each of them. Then proceed to make an informed purchase.

The ultimate Cooling fans

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We are one of the largest and most diversified manufacturers of cooling fans. We design and develop a range of high volume low speed cooling fans that may be customized according to your requirements. Our cooling fans are not only energy saving, they also are comfortable and highly efficient and effective. We design, develop and manufacture a wide variety of cooling fans for commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and residential buildings and requirements. We offer a wide variety of cooling fans for a variety of industry and other commercial needs.

We have a sprawling research and development campus, as well as another huge manufacturing facility. Our research and development facility is equipped with state of the art equipments and machineries. They are also one of the few certified testing labs around the country. We also use the latest and the best software for computer aided designs. Our very talented engineers at the R&D facility take deep understanding from the industry experts about their expectations and needs for cooling fans. They also undertake detailed visit to plants and manufacturing units for first-hand experience. Combined with the latest and path breaking knowledge from the science of air movement and flow, they design and develop the best cooling fans, customized for every industry, or every need. Factors regarding ventilation and air flow passage, and the best material to suit the environment are kept in mind while designing the superbly efficient cooling fans. All these factors reach the peak when these designed models are rigorously tested by our expert team of engineers, covering every aspect of these cooling fans. This is the secret to our most effective, efficient and reliable cooling fans that are used over thousands of different applications across the globe.

Our cooling fans are not only durable, but also they are extremely safe and energy efficient. The fans are also extremely powerful and durable as we use the best quality materials to manufacture these fans. Our cooling fans are made from the most powerful and efficient motors and can run on for hours on end without any glitch. They are also manufactured using the cutting edge technology and precision designed ball bearings. The precision engineering use in building these fans also makes them heavy duty working with excellent performance and a silent operation. These entire ranges of cooling fans are super energy savers and cut down on power consumption to a huge extent. They are also one of the greenest cooling fans available.

We have been also known for our prompt and efficient service that is also world class. We manufacture specialized cooling fans for use our cooling fans for outdoor events, manufacturing units, warehouses, institutions, electronic industry. We also manufacture cooling fans for the armed forces, and domestic needs. Some of our fans are also used in the entertainment industry for a variety of purposes. We also design and develop customized cooling fans to meet certain needs.

We also offer extended warranty for all our products. We also offer repair and installation services for most of our products. We have been one of the most reliable and depended-upon cooling fans companies for our world class customer services. We also offer exciting deals and discounts for commercial and bulk orders.

The Top 3 Places where SEO Companies can Help your Business

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If you are a web entrepreneur you likely have your hands completely full managing your business and running your website. On top of that, you now have to add search engine optimization in the mix if you want your website to survive. If you are not an SEO expert as most people aren’t, you are likely completely overwhelmed by the thought of having to teach yourself essentially a new language. You already have no time, so how are you supposed to manage it? That is where SEO companies come in.

SEO companies are SEO Companiesthere to help you. Because search engine optimization is such a bit part of success to almost every business online, there are tons of reputable and responsible companies available to help your website get the visitors it needs to survive. These companies are experienced, trained and dedicated. They have the skill set to develop comprehensive SEO strategies for the short term and long term for any size business. They can help you in three main areas.

Increasing Real Traffic to your Website:

Real traffic essentially means targeted customers to your site. While it is great to have hundreds of people coming to your site each day, it doesn’t really matter if none of these customers were interested in your product/service in the first place. SEO companies specialize in bringing targeted customers to your site through the use of social networks, forums, blogging, community advertising and much more.

Ranking you higher in the Search Engines:

By promoting your website with keywords, SEO companies will help you rank higher in the search engines. They will conduct extensive research and use programs to help determine which keywords you would have the best chance at succeeding with. They will help you get quality links pointing to your site through blogging, social bookmarking, article submission and forum commenting. They will come up with a back-link strategy that is sustainable for your website.

Targeting Local Customer(s):

In order to succeed locally you will need to understand the local market and Google Maps / Places marketing. These SEO companies not only understand local marketing, they have a lot of experience in it as well. Local customers can be important depending on the size of your business and what kind of product or service you are offering. It can be exciting to think you can reach customers from far across the world with the Internet, but you really need to thrive in your local environment as well.

Every website, regardless of their size, needs help in the three areas above and SEO companies can provide this for you. With experience and skill, they will be able to help your website see the success it deserves.

Setting the Best Dehumidifiers

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Humidity may be considered as one of the most common problems in the household. This is especially a problem in basements. Because the basements are located underground, you will discover that the level of moisture that the air can currently absorb is dependent on the total surface area of the room. If you are unable to check out the humidity levels on a regular basis, you will eventually discover that the mildew and the mold may become rampant before you even know it. In this article, you will discover how you can use the best dehumidifiers on a regular basis.

You have to locate the nearest store where you can purchase a dehumidifier. After purchasing the best dehumidifiers, you can immediately proceed to determine the exact location where you should place the dehumidifier. Ideally, this should be an area where the equipment will not be prone to standing water.

You need to plug the machine in a wall outlet. Before you activate the dehumidifier, you have to make sure that the cord is securely plugged on the outlet. In the long run, this can save you from a lot of electrically related problems that you can experience in the future.

You need to turn the knob of the machine to the right. You have to do this until you have activated the machine. Turning the knob more towards a clockwise direction will encourage increased amounts of drying for the air inside your household. Turning the knob towards the opposite direction will have the opposite effect for the level of moisture inside the room.

Fan Speed
After turning the knob of the best dehumidifiers, you may proceed to set the appropriate level of fan speed for the machine. For most of the available dehumidifiers in the market, you can set the fan to high level or low level. If you choose the high level for the fan, you can remove an increased amount of moisture from the air in the room. However, you may need to bear with the louder sound from the fan. On the other hand, the low fan speed can provide you with a more quiet experience. However, it may take you some time before you can remove a large percentage of moisture in the air.

As soon as you notice the red light in the best dehumidifiers blinking, you should immediately check out the water bucket that comes with the machine. A red light typically indicates that the bucket is already full. Therefore, you need to empty the bucket to prevent congestion for the machine. Before you proceed with water emptying, you have to turn off the control knob. If this does not seem to work, you may have to check out the operation manual.


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I knew from the beginning that I would sell my 1999 Lincoln on craigslist.com. I’d sold small things through the website before and everything worked out well. But this time I was selling a car and there are deceptive people out there. My daughter-in-law told me about escrow websites and encouraged me to research them.

After thoroughly reading about each of the escrow websites, I determined that www.rmctrader.com was the best choice. Their process was simple. The buyer and I would agree on a purchase price, an inspection period, and delivery details. Rmctrader.com would do the rest, including collect money from the buyer, do a title search, find vehicle records on my car, and handle the final details. If the buyer didn’t like my car, I’d get my money back.

There was only one more step. I contacted my attorney and asked if he’d ever heard anything negative about escrow websites. He assured me that there were several reliable escrow companies on the web, and rmctrader.com was probably at the top of his list. He offered this information without my asking.

It wasn’t long before I got a call about my Town Car. The young man was a married college student. He and his wife had just had a baby boy. They wanted a car for her that was, in his words, “built like a tank,” that would protect them both. Well, my car definitely qualified. He also knew that Town Cars were reliable and not difficult to maintain. In fact, he planned to do any maintenance on it himself. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think maybe this was just a story he’d made up to play on my sympathies.

Sure enough, he was concerned about the purchase price. I was asking a bit more than he had available, and he wondered if I’d negotiate. I replied that we could discuss that, after he agreed to use rmctrader.com for the buying and selling process. He was unfamiliar with the concept, but when I explained it to him, he agreed that it sounded like a fair way to go. He said that he certainly didn’t want to look like someone who would take advantage of an “older lady.” (I wasn’t sure I appreciated that remark, true as it was!) We negotiated a lower price.

Completing the details with rmctrader.com was an easy process. The few questions I had were answered expertly and in a friendly manner. I always appreciate good customer service, and they certainly provided it.

The young family came to my house to see the car. They liked what they saw and the wife drove it away for a few days’ inspection time. The husband soon called me, said the car was perfect for them, and thanked me for suggesting rmctrader.com. He was glad we were both protected during the buying and selling process.

I know if I have another big-ticket item to sell, I will, by all means, use rmctrader.com.

How to Carry Out an Online Meeting Stress Free

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Web meeting software has facilitated online meetings from anywhere and at anytime contributing to growth of business today. Knowledge of this software leads to effective usage resulting in incredible growth and development of businesses. One benefit of conducting meetings using this software is that you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world virtually without physically being there. The cost of traveling and accommodation as well as hiring conference halls will be eliminated. It is very easy to use, will cut down meeting costs and give you excellent results. This software will allow you and other members to share information in real time.

Requirements of this online meeting software are a personal computer or Mac and reliable internet connection. The access URL will be the next thing to launch, fill in your username and password and there you will be in an online conference with members of your company from all over the world. The latest designs of this software remove the need to download the application to your computer through the flash technology hence direct online access. Some of the things that make this software powerful are video and audio features facilitating hearing and seeing what is going on in the meetings.

The one on one feeling experienced in live meetings is enabled by the webcam that provides real time viewing of all the participants in the meeting. PowerPoint presentations can be shared through this application as well as allow the presenter to release the information while standing next to the arrangement like it happens in traditional meetings in a board room. Questions and answers for every online meeting are facilitated by the text chatting feature of the software. Here information regarding personal contact details, surveys and polls carried out can be channeled. It is also possible to air views and make suggestions relevant to the topic of the day.

One more thing that is vital with this online meeting software is that it is possible to keep records of every meeting for future reference. This is made possible by the video conference software that gives room for recording the sessions and storing them. Those who miss some meetings can catch up on the previous meetings hence have the capacity to make contributions in future meetings. To ensure that this software benefits your company, use genuine software from reputable manufacturers. Plan well for the meetings and inform the attendees earlier to prepare well for the meetings. Web meeting software is an incredible and flexible tool that has driven meetings to a whole new level.

Creating Live Chat Support for Better Customer Service

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When it comes to e-commerce, customer service is a big deal as it is in any other kind of commerce.  E-commerce has caught on quite nicely in the last few years and is considered both efficient and convenient.  It has also opened up global business so that your customer base can be all over the world.  It only makes sense then that customer service be provided where the business is taking place – online.   Many companies are now creating online marketing strategies to further their reach and with that new methods of supporting their clientele have also developed among them, live chat support.

Even though online sales have taken off quite well for most stores, the lack of a personal touch and personal interaction with customers is considered a drawback.  It is not uncommon to find that customers want to ask questions about a product before they purchase or they would prefer to be more informed about the product and therefore need an immediate response that could help them decide on whether or not they will purchase the product.  With the sale hanging in the balance, live chat support can help tip the scale in favor of the store by simply being available to answer any questions the customer may have.

The best thing about setting up live chat support is that you often don’t have to set up the software and then go out and recruit people for the job.  You can simply outsource the services to a company that specializes in providing the service.  When carrying out your search for the right company to work with, look for one that is a one-stop shop for online support services and that is priced affordable.  Most of them will have professional, skilled personnel who will be available to chat with your clients and offer them responsive assistance round the clock.

Due to the fact that an online store is in fact a global store, there may be need to have multilingual live chat support.  The company you choose to work with should be able to provide agents who can provide the necessary support in multiple languages commonly spoken around the world.  Working with a company you trust means you can rest assured that your customers are getting support that is responsive, real time and knowledgeable and with this information they are making informed decisions to purchase what you have for them.  Customer support cannot be ignored in a traditional business, so don’t make the mistake of ignoring it in your online business.

Top iPhone Repair Long Island Shops – You Need to Look for Them

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You can deal with iPhone repair in two ways; use a repair kit or hand it over to an iPhone repair Long Island specialist. Repairing an iPhone on your own requires a lot of care. It also takes time as you have to go through online tutorials and follow instructions keenly. Again the circuitry in these phones is complicated for an amateur. In the trial and error process, you will most likely end up with a damaged phone. This means spending more money to acquire a new phone or having the damage fixed. Rather than going through all that, it is best to allow a specialist repair your phone.

People who own iPhones carry them with pride. These phones are like status symbols. The trend is catching on. You will notice that your friends are taking a keen interest in your phone. Do not be surprised to spot them with a handset similar to yours. IPhones have got many applications that make them appeal to the masses. On top of this is their ability to browse the internet at fast speeds. As more people opt for these phones, there is an increase in demand for iPhone repair Long Island services. That is why you will find many stores and outlets offering these services at varying rates.

Today, more than ever before, the Long Island iPhone owner has a wider choice of repair outlets. Under such circumstances, finding the best and most competitively priced iPhone repair Long Island specialist may appear difficult. It is not all gloom and doom for the iPhone owners though. Once you conduct research and do your homework well, getting your phone repaired becomes easy. It is not surprising to note that each shop has indicated that its services are affordable and efficient. This is part of their marketing strategy. That does not mean that every repair shop will offer you quality service.

You can start by shortlisting repair shops that are near you. Ask your friends to recommend places they have been to. Your colleagues or family members could do the same too. This way, you won’t fail to get someone who has had his/her iPhone repaired recently. Such people will give you a firsthand experience of reputable iPhone repair Long Island technicians. With this kind of feedback, you can then decide to pay a visit to several of these places. You could call them or find out more from their websites.

Selecting a Service for Carpet Cleaning DC

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Carpets are exposed to a constant level of traffic, which means they trap a whole lot ofCarpet Cleaning DC dirt, stains and allergens which can cause or accelerate existing respiratory problems. In such a case, the proper method of cleaning a carpet is what determines whether the carpet has a long life, maintains its original beautiful colors and is not a hazard to the health of those who have to live and work around it. For those living in DC, finding a good carpet cleaning DC service dealer is important. Finding a service provider who lives in the same locality or area as you are is a good idea because often, it may mean a free pickup and drop service to and from the dealer’s shop. It may also mean that the whole process takes a much shorter period of time because the dealer doesn’t have to drive too far to come pick and deliver back the carpet.

There may be many carpet cleaning DC dealers but this doesn’t mean that they’re all equal. Very first and foremost, always ensure that the service provider has the right tools and knows how to use them. A dealer should never sell a simple vacuuming as an actual cleaning because even you could do it for yourself at home. There should be more time and resources spent on such a process than if you would have done it yourself. At the same time, a service provider who has all the tools works faster and is more efficient especially where large carpets are concerned. Examples such as homes or offices with wall-to-wall carpeting come to mind, large corridors, meeting rooms, etc.

Compare which processes and methods the carpet cleaning DC provider has to offer. The two primary methods of cleaning are dry cleaning and wet cleaning. With dry cleaning, a specialized machine uses dry compounds and very low moisture systems. Wet cleaning includes methods where hot water or cleaning agent mixtures is sprayed onto a carpet and the vacuumed off as it carries along dirt and stains. The main difference between the two methods is the amount of time it takes for the carpet to dry. If you want a carpet cleaning DC process that allows for almost immediate use of the carpet after, pick dry cleaning. Wet cleaned carpet will need at least about 12-24 hours of drying time.

A Predictive dialer

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Predictive dialers use Statistical algorithms are used by predictive dialers in minimizing the waiting time between calls that agents spend , while also reducing to a minimum the frequency of somebody answering during the non-availability of an agent.

When a dialer calls one number at a time, delays can occur in two ways. First of all, only a small proportion of calls are answered. So, for instance, if one of three people called answer, a predictive dialer may end up dialing three lines whenever an agent is available. Secondly, even when they answer calls, people take some time before they pick up their phone receivers. Assuming that picking up a call takes about 10 seconds and the call time lasts 90 seconds on average, a predictive dialer may begin dialing when 80 seconds have elapsed.

When a dialer calls one number at a time, only during the availability of an agent, agents are typically kept productively busy for 40 minutes every hour. By comparison, agent utilization can increase to 57 minutes an hour through predictive dialing. Traditional dialers have the following limitations:

  • Quality of Calling Lists – Telemarketers who use traditional dialers usually own or buy long lists of target prospects they would need to trawl through and the operation can take several days. Debt collectors’ daily calling lists are usually built overnight – on the basis of changing debt amount, age, type. Daily changing stats make it hard for conventional dialers to use them as a basis for a predictive over-dial pattern – as a result, a supervisor may have to intervene frequently in order to manage the dialing pace.
  • Operational Performance – Wrap-up times and historical agent talk times are used by conventional dialers in predicting over-dialing rates. But dynamic changes in operational performance cannot be reflected by historical statistics. It does not account for the consequences of degradation in the performance of Business Systems such as CRM, used by agents, because of due to IT problems such as LAN-related issues. Wrap-up times and agent call processing tend to increase unexpectedly, and a supervisor may have to intervene to slow down the dialer speed.

When you exceed over-dial targets it can have serious consequences on your business. Such negative effects can include reduced customer satisfaction, (and in turn reduced repeat business from dissatisfied clients) and excessive phone bills; you also risk violating outbound dialing regulations.

Reporting Period &Conversion Period

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The reporting period is typically a window of 12 months, with many companies choosing to end the period on June 30th of each year. Once this window is closed, the profit and loss account balance is transferred over to the Retained Earnings section of the Balance Sheet (specifically under the equity section).A new profit and loss account is then started for the new financial year.

While a balance sheet is continuous and points to a specific timeframe, the profit and loss account is only applied for the current financial year.

The conversion period is the actual month that a company or individual reverts to a new accounting system. One benefit of transferring a new accounting system at the start of a new financial year is that the company is able to assign the finalized balance from the profit and loss account to the new system automatically as well as any current balance sheets.

Conversion part way through year

Though slightly more difficult, a company may convert its systems during a financial new year. The only setback is that each individual profit and loss account balance would need to be transferred one by one into the new system. This would then allow for the proper storing of the current year’s financial data. Also, one would need to transfer the items from the balance sheet.

Other conversion Issues

When converting to a new system, the company or individual does not typically re-enter every single transaction that has already been made during the year. The company converting to the new system may transfer only the balances of the accounts- this could lead to cut-over issues since individual transactions, such as invoices, receipts, payments and the like are not accounted for.

For example, if you make a timely payment via cheque to the company while they are undergoing a cut-over, your bank will recognize the payment that you made and deduct money from your balance while the suppliers’ account would receive a credit for the amount that you paid, but the supplier may not have the exact knowledge as to what you are specifically paying for. These types of situations are covered more in depth in the course “Getting started with MYOB accounting software”.

  • Various cut-over issues include but are not limited to:
  • Monies received but have not yet been cleared at the bank
  • Supplier invoices not yet paid
  • Customer receipts not yet received
  • Books of Prime Entry


Before posting transactions into the accounts of the company, the transactions are first recorded in “Books of Prime Entry” which list transactions of a similar nature over a period of a month for example; the total can then be used in the double entry. The list of transactions is recorded in the books of prime entry based on original source documents received by the business.

Original source documents

When a business orders goods from a supplier, they will receive an invoice from the supplier, this invoice is a source document and is the most reliable document from which to enter our transaction.

When they receive the invoice they know exactly how much the transaction is worth, and this should agree with the supplier’s records. This would then be taken and entered into our books of prime entry (see below).

Other types of source documents are:

Sales invoice (to customers); credit notes, cheques, counterfoils, paying in slips, cash receipts, till rolls, bank statements.