The Role of Silicon Wristbands in Charity

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Fashion is an element of society that continuously develops. It improves; it opens doors to new influences. Trends come in, they come out of style, they come back in style, and the cycle never ends. Varying trends have been seen through the years some of which were regrettable while others profitable. When it comes to the latter, a good example would be the rise of silicon wristbands. These affordable accessories may seem like simple, wearable rubber, but they have grown into one of the biggest trends that the fashion world has ever seen. These bands started out as simple accessories, colorful bracelets that could brighten up any outfit, but has been transformed into a resourceful and ever reliable component of many charitable organization’s events and fundraisers.

These days, almost all events that are held for a good cause use silicon wristbands. They come in an assortment of colors and can even don an organization’s tagline or the cause that it is fighting for. Some of the most popular wristband-associated events include Lance Armstrong’s Live strong campaign in yellow, and the fight against breast cancer in all its pinkish glory.

Charitable groups and similar organizations rely heavily on these wristbands to promote their cause. Unlike event shirts and caps, wristbands are more easily worn. They can be worn together with someone’s office attire, they can be used by a suit-wearing executive, they can be worn by a student as he or she attends class, and the list goes on. It is simple, it is small, it is easy to wear, but it does bear a lot of meaning. The color of the wristband alone is enough to attract the attention of other people, and it is usually enough to convey a message. Without having to look for specific details, someone walking down the street seeing someone with a pink wristband can tell that this person is supporting the fight against breast cancer. In most occasions, this is enough to inspire or influence a call to action. Minutes after seeing the silicon wristbands, other people may be enticed to show their support for the cause as well.

Silicon WristbandsAgain, there is really no need for organizations to come up with fancy logos or taglines to promote their cause. Plenty of these causes have identifiable colors which can be applied to the manufactured wristbands. The color is enough for people to determine which cause the band is in support to. Aside from the yellow Live strong bands and the pink breast cancer awareness silicon wristbands, other AIDS related concerns can be showcased through red wristbands. For causes related to the Blue Cross agenda, blue bands are used. In the military, one will commonly find wristbands in a specific shade of green. White is used for peace and purple is often used for equality.

When it comes to delivering a message loud and clear, it is pretty surprising how something as simple as a wristband can get the job done. Not only is it a reliable tool for marketing, it is also a great fundraising item. The fact that it is cheap yet meaningful attracts support from across the world. Especially these days that everything can be bought online, the trade becomes even simpler. In this case, not only are these groups earning money that can be used to further their cause even more, but they are also spreading awareness to people from different backgrounds.

In a way, these silicon wristbands, when used for such a purpose, have the ability to garner positive attention. This is why many organizations continue to utilize these particular marketing tools. Considering how popular they are these days and the continuous patronization of consumers, it can safely be said that they will not be going away anytime soon.

From Sport Trading Cards to Sport Trading Pins

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There was a time when kids and avid fans spend lots of money to collect every available design ad editions of sport trading cards. These are pieces of cardboard or plastic cards that feature a popular athlete with a picture of them in action, plus a bit of trivia or statistics with the image.

custom trading pinsEven now, these tiny things catch people’s fascination and they are collected into heavy, protected albums. They have become expensive and rare through time. In all respects (of course, except actual sports merchandise and the items used by the athletes themselves), these sport trading cards are the ultimate collectibles in the field of sports.

You might even see some from your father’s or grandfather’s stuff, hidden away carefully. You would think, what have become to these cards nowadays? Other than being kept as memorabilia and as museum pieces, they have already lost popularity in the younger generation who likes more flashy things. And that is where the custom trading pins come in.

With a different design that comes out for each tournament, each game and each team (sometimes even for each player that gets a lot of attention), these sport trading pins have become a popular collectible among enthusiasts.

Why have these shiny metallic things replaced the good old trading cards? Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Storage – Gone are the days when you need to lug around a huge album just to keep your cards from folding and dog-eared edges. These pins can be attached to sashes and belts and even your collar while you go around and trade them. And when they’re not going around, you can have them in either clear boxes for display or safer containers that definitely don’t take as much space as the huge card albums do.
  • Maintenance – Unlike the cards that fade in time, the custom trading pins are easy to maintain. They are made with metals so just a couple of wipe-downs (at least once a month or even quarterly if you’re feeling lazy) will keep them in their tip-top sparkly state. Also, keeping them in their containers will let them avoid dust (if you really don’t want to clean them). And because the materials used to make them (from the brass base plate to the soft enamel paint) are selected to make them last, you can be sure that your collected pins are going to last as long (or even longer) than you do.
  • Design Updates – As the games continue and the tournaments finish, the designs get updated to accommodate changes in the logos, names and years inscribed. This would mean that as long as the sport continues, their design also update. You can have dozens of unique designs for just one sport series, imagine!
  • Overall Designs - With artists and designers being drafted to improve pin designs over time, they have very attractive designs that will look good even if you wear them on your jacket or attach them to your bag. With this factor, these custom trading pins would not just be collectible merchandise, but also a sort of fashion item. Cool, huh?
  • Collectability –You wouldn’t have to pay hundreds (to thousands) of dollars for a single piece (since trading cards are especially printed in limited editions) you can certainly find a trading pin that you liked and be sure you have an extra lying around to trade it for. That’s very important especially for the more popular designs.
  • Lots of different types – These pins are also available in different types so you can almost have a category collection. Either that or you can decide to just collect a single type and have the fun and excitement of finding them in the sea of the other available types going around.

So, say goodbye to the old reinforced paper pictures and say hello to custom trading pins. When it comes to sport merchandise collecting, there could be nothing cooler than unique colorful metals you can wear and display anywhere you want.

Comparing Surface Mount Technology and Through Hole Mounting

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The most commonly used mounting styles for PCB assembly are surface mount technology and through hole mounting. Each style has their own advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, manufacturers have different reasons for preferring one style over the other.

For the benefit of consumers, it is recommended that you learn more about the two mounting styles even if you will not be taking on the task of making your own printed circuit boards. After all, PCBs can be found in many of the electronic devices that you most likely use on a daily basis. Therefore, it is in your best interest to learn about what goes on behind the scenes regarding the creation of your printed circuit boards.

PCB assemblyThe first mounting style that you should familiarize yourself with is through-hole mounting. Its name is derived from the process of passing the lead wires of various individual components through different holes. After all leads have been passed through their specific holes, they are then soldered in place. This mounting style is commonly utilized in assembling multilayer printed circuit boards.

The second mounting style that is most commonly used by manufacturers for PCB assembly is surface mount technology. Although this type of mounting style is fairly recent when compared to through-hole mounting, its efficiency has allowed it to quickly gain a large following in a short amount of time.

Instead of using holes to mount wire leads, this method makes it possible to directly solder the leads onto the surface of the printed circuit boards. As a result, despite an increase in the number of components that need to be placed on printed circuit boards, surface mount technology has made it possible to create PCBs that are lighter and more compact than their predecessors.

Aside from the varying processes involved for each mounting style, there are still other ways in which they contrast with one another. The most recognizable difference would be the size of the printed circuit boards that result from using the different styles.

Surface mount technology has made it possible to create much smaller printed circuit boards despite the increase in the number of pins placed on their surfaces. Conversely, space constraints have always been an issue for PCB assembly which uses through-hole mounting.

Through-hole mounting requires the use of larger components. This significantly lessens the amount that can be placed on any single surface area. In contrast, since surface mounting technology makes it possible to directly mount leadless components onto the surface, this process is better able to maximize the amount of surface area of both sides of the printed circuit board.

Another edge that surface mount technology has over through-hole mounting is that it is able to make PCB assembly a more cost-effective process. It makes use of less components thus making it possible to create more finished products without needing to invest more on individual parts.

Likewise, the compact size of the printed circuit boards created using surface mount technology makes it possible to acquire a higher circuit speed. Although they might be smaller in size when compared to the printed circuit boards made using through-hole mounting, they are actually able to offer higher performance quality.

Nevertheless, the main disadvantage of surface mount technology is the larger amount of initial capital that should be invested in machinery and actual PCB assembly. Naturally, it requires the use of more advanced technology, design, and production compared to through-hole mounting.

In the end, both mounting styles will most likely remain in continued use. Through-hole mounting will be preferred for printed circuit board testing and prototype creation while surface mount technology will find its niche in mass production.

4 Ways SEO Services Get High Authority Sites To Link To Your Pages

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Online marketing requires a lot more than just publishing a website. Many people assume that you just put up a site and you watch the hits start rolling in. That’s not at all how this works. You may want it to work that way, but at the end of the day, you’re going to find that you need a great deal of work to pull through the many elements that are involved with search engine optimization. Whether you like it or not, you will even need to hire SEO services that are going to give you the upper hand when building traffic and more. If you don’t do that, you will end up dealing with a tide of issues, including how to effectively get sites to link to your site. This is not something that happens without deliberate work, and it will be evidenced faster than you may think. For those that are going to hire professionals, you’ll find that there are some distinctive things that they can do to help you build the right elements and get linked from top authority sites. While every company does things a little differently, the following will be true about working within the realms of marketing today.

Creating Authority Modules With Cited Sources:

One of the best ways to get your content linked is to create pages that are highly cited. Think Wikipedia and then emulate their format. That’s right, when you are speaking to the tune of just about any subject, link to sources that are going to help you create the right position forward. If you do this right, you will engage the general audience and will build on the greatness of linking. People looking for information online today are constantly running into conjecture. That’s where you can step in, and provide good content that is going to help you build a relationship with people moving forward. It’s something that is not going to be easy to manage without the help of a pro. It’s for that reason that you should look into hiring SEO services that are going to help you progress in the right manner.

Publishing Content On Highly Regarded Pages::

When you publish content on SEO-Servicesyour website, and you aren’t already getting a huge amount of traffic, you will need to find an outlet to publish content. When you select the right locale, you will gain leverage overall. Search engines constantly look for authority, and will connect you to search results that are going to provide your site with a lot of targeted traffic, if the authorship is there. Branding, and content go hand in hand, which is why many companies focus on building the right pieces moving forward. Without these pieces in place, you will find that your network will not get any sort of influence.

Paying For Recommendations::

This is not exactly the best way to go about things, but there are SEO services that will buy influence within social media pages. This has to be done very carefully. If not, then it will not work within the elements that need to get done for marketing success. If you want to make moves on the web, you will need to pay people that are high up within the world of social media integration. Doing so will cause a great deal of traffic to go your way, and if you can get more and more links shared this way, you may very well find that your site can get a lion’s share of viral traffic that could be created.

Encouraging Social Media Shares:

Another way that you may find professional companies help you create market share is through the encouragement of social media outlets to link to your page. This may be complicated at first glance, but it will happen slowly, and surely. You may have to allow a company to work on your marketing for some time so that they can test what is the most effective way of getting progressive in this manner. You will absolutely want to chase the right pieces when it comes to social media, because it can easily become unraveled. Social media has to be treaded on lightly, if you’re looking at promoting your company within your profile. Too much attention to “self-serving” links, and you could get labeled as a spammer.

Internet marketing has many different branches, and they are all working around the clock to create traffic and more. When you have all things moving forward in the right direction, you will find that the above elements are going to be in place. Getting content linked from the top authority pages on the web means that you will need to work on all the pieces. Whether you do it yourself, or you hire an expert firm, you will find that there are things that can work to your advantage, especially when it comes to content marketing and sharing.

One thing to remember about link generation is that you cannot just buy all your influence. There is a way to do it that will not get you penalized by search engines, which is why it’s best to hire a professional that knows how to do this correctly.

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The Benefits of Using Customized Logo Lanyards

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Lanyards are the best means to spread out the word about your company, group or event since a customized sentence or phrase can be printed on them. If you are looking for a marketing tool for promotional plan, it is obvious that you would look for something that would be used frequently and at the same time very effective. Customized logo lanyards are perfect for this category since they come in handy in different daily activities for employees and clients as well. Also, these are less costly and so there is no need to invest a lot on it.

Advantages of Using Customized Lanyards

If you are still in doubt if these logo lanyards will be really effective, then below are some of the top reasons that will convince you that these lanyards are very effective in promoting your company.

Excellent for Promotions

The main advantage of using this personalized lanyards is that it serves as a very visible and helpful promotional item for your business. It is a great way to generate product awareness and to create brand recall.

Very Affordable 

There is no need for you to invest a lot just like other promotional items. Based on the chosen materials and design, it is not going to cost more than $1 for a single piece. It will fit your budget perfectly. To save a lot from purchasing the item, you can order it in bulk.

Security Reasons

By encouraging your employees to wear customized logo lanyards while in the company premises, it would be easy to identify them. This is very useful when your team is in sales event, conventions or any other public event since it will be easier for you to identify your employee in the crowd, without having a hard time to reach them out, in case of an emergency.

Complement Other Items

Customized lanyards go well with other promotional items like ceramic mugs, jackets, bottles, caps and planners. The lanyard can be also used along with other products to promote your business.

Using the Lanyards Effectively

logo lanyardsThere is one aspect regarding customized logo lanyards that lots of people don’t know – they can be utilized for more than one purpose at a time. Below are some ways on how you can use them effectively.

You can use the lanyard to display your ID, while it can also hold other things at the same time. For example, you can get a small pouch to the lanyard hook, where you can keep business cards, pens, money as well as other small items.

Secure Several Items on a Lanyard

Also, you can secure several items on the lanyard, which means that a pouch can be attached to the cord aside from clasping that can get hold of water bottles. The lanyard can also be utilized to hold a pet pouch or key chains. Actually, lanyards can hold many clasps at a time, so they can be quite resourceful to say the least.

There is a wide range of attachments that can be fastened on to a lanyard so that you can utilize it for multiple purposes. Some of the attachments are thumb latch, water clamp and cellphone loop aside from the standard hooks.

Now that you are aware of the reasons to use customized logo lanyards as a promotional item and you have learned how to use them effectively, it is time to start using them to promote your business. With the lanyards affordability, practicality and versatility, they are definitely a sensible promotional memento, and provide real value for money. So, what are you waiting for, make use of customized lanyards effectively and see the results.

Finding the Right Keynote Speaker

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If you have an upcoming event and you want to invite a keynote speaker to help you deliver a message or spice up the occasion, it is important to choose the right one. It is important to ensure that your speaker will be able to connect with the audience. Here are some the types of keynote speakers:

  1. Motivational Speakers – These speakers can get your employee’s enthusiasm up and give a speech that is useful and thoughtful. These speakers are charismatic and they have the ability to encourage people to change their behaviors and how they live their lives. Motivational speakers can accomplish a lot of things. They can motivate your employees into becoming more productive. They can influence positive change and encourage people to take action and never give up. These speakers usually use anecdotes to illustrate their point. There’s something about them that leaves lasting impression to their audience. Many people took action and made positive changes in their life after hearing a motivational speech. If your goal is to encourage and uplift the morale of your employees and staff, then the motivational keynote speaker is the right one for you.
  2. Educational Speakers – An educational speaker is someone who has extensive knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. Their goal is to deliver an informative and educational speech. These speakers are often tapped to speak at seminars or workshops. For example, a seasoned journalist can be an educational speaker in a basic journalism workshop. To maintain the integrity of the event, it is necessary to pick a speaker who has thorough knowledge and experience on the subject. However, one thing that you should remember is that, educational speeches are often long and boring so it is important to pick a speaker who is fun and who has a great sense of humor.
  3. k-4Inspirational Speakers –An inspirational speaker is one who has gone through a lot of things in life before they attained success. These speakers can be a major source of inspiration as they have achieved success and wealth despite several setbacks like poverty, addiction, physical handicaps, diseases, lack of education, troubled childhood, or previous mental and emotional illness. Inspirational speakers usually discuss their life story during their speech. They detail the difficulties that they have gone through and the actions and sacrifices that they have made in order to achieve great success. These speakers could change the lives of the people they speak to. They can motivate and inspire people to think positively and make them realize that their potential is limitless. Inspirational speakers often speak in graduation and seminars.
  4. Celebrity Speakers – Celebrity speakers can be a well-known television personality, movie stars, politician, well-known billionaires and visionaries, fashion model, world leader, spouses of world leaders, and even members of royal families; basically anyone famous will do. Celebrity speakers are usually hired because of their reputation, popularity, and their name value. However, celebrity speakers can be experts, too. They can speak about their career and field of expertise; they could motivate people, and also inspire them. They are popular and most of them are household names. So, if you want to draw a big crowd to your event, it is wise to hire a celebrity speaker. Celebrity speakers appear and speak in different events such as graduation, seminars, corporate events, workshops, trainings, conventions, conferences, and even business meetings. Most celebrities are influential and they can draw support. If you are hosting an event that aims to support a particular cause or raise funds for the needy and unfortunate, it would also be a good idea to hire a celebrity keynote speaker.

What Base Do You Want for Your Eliquid?

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There may come a time when you feel that what manufacturers offer are not enough to fill your needs and wants for your electronic cigarette. If you simply pick a flavor of your choice, that craving for that certain taste can be satisfied, but the feel of a good, long drag before that pleasurable moment of breathing out clouds of vapor may not be what you’re exactly looking for. Taste is just part of the overall experience when you use your e cig.  By deciding that you want to make your own eliquid, you can tell that it’s totally different from pre-manufactured ones.

After you’ve determined every particular characteristic that you want for your juice, the natural thing comes next, which is making your own. In this situation, you will have to ask yourself which base to use. This should be very easy if you really know how exactly you want to experience vamping.

The two bases, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), are what decides the majority of your overall e cig experience. There are several differences between the two, and these are huge in deciding which one to go with, or what ratio suits your wants best.

Cloud Vapor

If it is the thickest of cloud vapor that you seek, the better choice would be VG. An eliquid with only VG as base has a smooth feel and allows you to even hide your face from the person in front of you as you exhale mass amounts of cloudy vapor. This is especially advisable if you’re into creating smoke tricks to show to your friends. PG, on the other hand, is a lot thinner, although this is advantageous if you’re in public places where you seek a low profile.

l-1Throat Hit

This characteristic is what made PG a popular choice among ex-smokers, simply because of how well it resembles that burning hit you can experience from real smoking. Using this in your eliquid makes the electronic cigarette a nice substitute to help quitters really quit smoking.


Frequent vaping essentially means frequent cleaning up of your gear. But apparently, this is not exactly so if you are to use PG. while it produces less of that cloudy vapor, it also forms less gunk in your cartomizer, so cleaning doesn’t need to be regular, which is the opposite when you have more VG in your juice.


Yes, VG serve as a base ingredient, but the exact flavor of your eliquid may be altered slightly. VG has this sweet aftertaste, and this essentially makes some flavors a bit sweeter. PG, on the other hand, is tasteless, so only the taste of the flavor you infused your juice with is, well, tasted. Your taste buds can decide on which one is the better base flavor-wise.

Allergic reactions

VG is a carbohydrate created using plant oils, while PG is a viscous, artificial liquid. Since VG is natural, you can expect that allergic reactions would not be an issue. As for PG, such effects may be experienced by a few individuals. Having allergic reactions to the substance, however, is very rare. Still, if you noticed that your skin is irritated or itchy, or you are not reacting well after using e liquid with PG, then it’s time you switch to VG.

Unless you notice allergic reactions, the best base, as far as most vapers are concerned, is having a good balance of PG and VG. Many vapers want thicker vapor and better throat hit, both of which can only be attained with a certain ratio of PG and VG. It’s up to you how you want your vaping experience to be. With a few trial-and-errors, you can list down different ratios you can use for the eliquidfor different vaping experiences.

The Super Speed USB 3.0

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There are many different ways to connect a computer to other devices. Right now, with the success of wireless technology, you can connect almost everything without the need of any cables or wires. In some cases when the wireless technology fails, the use of USB cables will take over.

The Universal Serial Bus, more popularly known as USB, is a means of connecting a computer to another device by the use of cables and ports. Developed in the mid 1990s by the seven giant computer manufacturers of the world, the USB was initially designed to have a standard for computer peripherals to be used in the future.

Nowadays, USB cables are used in many different ways. They are used to serve as a power provider to devices such as smart phones or mobiles phones and tablets. The flash drive, which is vastly used now, is used to transfer data from one device to a computer or vice versa. USB cables are also commonly used to connect computer hardware, such as a printer or scanner, to a computer. A router, a network device, can also be connected through the use of USB.

u-4There are two types of USB cables, connector and ports available, the Type A and Type B. The Type A connector is flat and rectangular in shape. It is the most commonly used USB cable which can be found in almost all modern computer devices such as desktops or personal computers, laptops, and tablets. It can also be found in the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo Wii. Home devices such as Blu-ray players and Smart Televisions also have this kind of connector.

The Type B connector, on the other hand, is small and round in shape. It usually has either a slight rounded or large square protrusion on top. A Type a connector is usually found in larger computer peripherals such as printers and scanners. Most external storage devices like optical devices and hard drive enclosures use this type of connector.

The latest USB standard, released last November 2008, is the USB 3.0 or also referred to as the SuperSpeed USB. It can transmit data of up to 5 Gbps. Most new devices and computers nowadays support the USB 3.0. Older USB devices running with USB 2.0 can in fact, be compatible with any USB 3.0 hardware. However, if you will need the fastest data transmission, your device should support USB 3.0.

If you are shopping at CableWholeSale, you can easily see the variety of choices for specialized cables. If you are looking to connect your mobile phone to your computer or laptop, you can get the Micro USB 3.0 Cable Type a Male to Micro-B Male. It is available in two colours, black and blue, and ranges from 3 feet up to 15 feet long. This cable also enables data transfer in less time. It can also be used for portable USB 3.0 hard drives, USB 3.0 flash card readers and even when charging your USB 3.0 Bluetooth speakers.

If you are looking to transfer data which requires a male connection, such as routers and hard drives to your laptop or computer or vice versa, the USB 3.0 Cable Type a Male to Type a Male is your best shot. Available in colours blue and black, this cable can go as long as 15 feet, depending on your needs. The new Sync-N-Go technology incorporated in the cables minimizes the user’s waiting time so you can get the work done in less time.

Even though wireless technology is a success nowadays, the consumer’s needs of USB cables are still abundant. Whether you are using wireless most of the time, it is still the best choice to keep a steady back-up of USB connectors.

Ironing Iron Ons: How to Use Iron on Patches

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Iron on patches have become a popular way of showing one’s uniqueness. These patches are customizable to fit almost any purpose: name patches, military badges, brand name tags – an endless variety of things can be done with these embroidered badges.

Iron on PatchesThese patches are known for their ease of use and user friendliness. They are readily available in the market, are often offered in different designs and patterns (and you can even order them custom made to your own needs and preferences!), and being the iron on patches they are, you get to decide where you put them on. One can have her own way in deciding which fabric the patch will be attached to, and where exactly in the textile one wants to place the embroidered patch.

Of course, using iron on patches wouldn’t require great skill. Basically, you just iron them on, and voilà – your patch is done, and you already have a great looking shirt (or bag, or cap, or just about anything fabric really). However, there would be some times when your iron on badge mission wouldn’t go that well. So, just to make sure that your iron ons would hold on tight, here are some tips that could help you.

First, you would like to make sure what kind of patch you have. You might have the usual iron ons – the ones which are made to be ironed on straight to the textile, without any preparation required. These would be really easy to attach, for the patch makers have ensured that you already have the means of adhering the patch to the fabric. Another type would be the plain fabric backed patches. They would require buying a separate adhesive, preferably fusible web or fusing tape.

The iron ons also vary by the material of the patch design itself. Embroidered iron ons are the stiff, thick, textured ones made of twill backing threaded with colored patterns. Paper patch transfers, on the other hand, have a special paper material with the printed design on one side. Being the paper patches they are, they are not suitable for holding ripped parts of textile material together, but they are good for shirt prints. Paper transfers also allow for greater flexibility when it comes to the patterns that can be printed, since they use fadeproof ink instead of colored threads.

Another matter that one should consider is the receiving textile – where would you want to attach the iron ons? Cotton, rayon, or wool? Each of these fabrics have different tolerances to heat, and it is important that one check this carefully. No one would want to just attach a patch to one’s shirt, only to end up with a burnt unwearable piece of clothing, right? Also, it is important to remember that some textile and certain clothing articles should not be ironed at all – therefore you can’t use them as a receiving fabric.

With those in mind, proceed to plan where exactly one wants the iron on patches to go. Carefully position the patch, ensuring it is well aligned. For the non adhesive, cotton backed ones, it is often necessary to pin the patch down, and then proceed to put the fusing tapes in place.

After making sure everything is how you want it to look like, proceed to iron on over the patch. Be careful not to set the temperature too high to avoid burning. Placing a thin towel over the iron on patches before ironing can also help protect against heat damage to the fabric. Press firmly for about 10 to 15 seconds, then check for adhesion. Lightly rub against the edge of the adhesive patch to check if the patch had glued correctly – if not, repeat and press for about 10 seconds.

If you have the paper transfer ones, wait for about 15 minutes, then peel of the paper. There you have it! A nice customized shirt (or jeans or whatever)! It would also be a good idea to sew the edges of an embroidered patch to ensure it won’t fall off, and taking good care of the patch when laundering it can help ensure it stays well put. Now you can enjoy your personalized stuff!

Common Employee Engagement Survey Questions

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“Do the superiors have the ability to influence their decisions and implement some control on how the employees’ roles should be done?” This employee engagement survey question signifies how serious the superiors are in keeping their employees in line. If the response to this question is generally negative, there is something wrong with the superiors themselves. The higher-ups are slackers, “servant leaders” with no real vision at all, or employees who are just in for the higher salaries.

“Does the workplace implement flexibility?” This employee engagement survey question is the determining factor in how one thing can be accomplished with many methods as well as how the workplace is arranged. The superiors must have a trait of silk hiding steel – that is, being considerate to the traits of their employees while still maintaining some strictness in terms of company policies. After all, there will be some employees who will exploit flexibility to cheat.

employee engagement survey“Does the company accommodate your personal needs?” After all, employees are human and are different in their own little ways. If the employee is a person with a disability, the workplace must be modified to accommodate that person’s special needs. If the employee does not want too much noise while working, the manager can assign him to a work cubicle that is far away from common meeting areas such as lounges.

“Do fellow employees embody the very concept of teamwork?” No man is an island, especially in a company where both leaders and employees are expected to work together as one unified machine. If the employee engagement survey reflects low teamwork, the management should take a day or two off from work and organize a teambuilding event to sort out lone wolves who are only after their self-interest.

“Do you feel motivated to come to the office or field every working day?” While there are policies that reward perfect attendance and punctuality, the superiors must know if the employee who keeps a perfect attendance record does it because he or she is motivated to do an excellent job, or he or she is just in for the reward. They may not read the mind of the employee, but they can certainly read what is on his or her face. If the employee confesses that he or she keeps a perfect attendance record since he or she wants to escape family problems back at home, the superiors must encourage him or her to resolve that family problem by taking a day off to consult a family counselor.

“Do you trust whatever is given to you?” No successful workplace is built on lies and deceit. If the employee engagement survey signifies that employees do not have trust and confidence in the information that is being handed down to them, they will not just perform their tasks poorly, but will be highly suspect about their superiors’ true colors. Honesty, as well as open dialogues, is the key for the employees to place full trust and confidence in the information being bequeathed to them.

Many employees will more often than not answer yes to these questions, but the answer of “no” will reveal the employee’s true thoughts and feelings about their jobs, their fellow workers, their managers and executives, their company as a whole, and themselves as individuals. As employee engagement is more of a psychologically-related human resources concern, everyone involved must act on those hidden depths before the employees resign en masse and leave the company in shambles. Companies come and go not just because of economic reasons; but also because of its employees who have no sense of direction in their lives, as if they are heading for the void of retirement.

Arrested Due To Internet Crimes or Sex Crimes : What to do

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If you have been presently charged with the internet crimes or sex crimes, it would be very advantageous for you to read on. You will realize the essential facts and situation related to the criminal offense that has been charged to you. In addition, you will know how a Criminal attorney salt lake city can help you defend your statutory and constitutional rights in court. Now, after reading this short article, you may contact our law firm and see what we can do. This consultation is important because each criminal case is different from another. Hope to hear from you soon and discuss your present situation.

Internet Crimes

criminal attorneyThere are existing laws and statutes today that specifically deal with criminal offenses that are committed through the Internet, social networking sites, emails and other web related activities. Remember that under normal circumstances, once a complaint against a person has been filed, it will only involve the State Court (i.e., State of Utah). However, the same is not true with respect to complaints arising from internet crimes.

The reason is that in Internet crimes, the federal law enforcement agencies usually involve it. This is because of the highly technical nature of the case that requires knowledge in internet and technology. Therefore, it will be essential that your Criminal attorney salt lake city should have a solid understanding on how internet, social networking sites, web and technology work. In addition, knowledge, experience and/or expertise in the field of Internet and Web laws, rules and regulations are likewise important. We have attorneys in our law firm that can help you on this important matter and build a strong case in your favor.

Sex Crimes

Remember that the commission of sex crimes is the gravest and most serious crime of all the criminal offenses that a person may commit or be accused of. There are a lot of negative repercussions once a person has been accused or proven guilty of committing a specific sex crime. For example, the accused or the defendant may incur a lifetime registration as a sex offender not only within the State of Utah but within the rest of the United States. Moreover, penalties for sex crimes are harsh. There is the risk of social ostracism. Therefore, if you feel that you should defend yourself against a plaintiff or complainant, you must immediately consult a Criminal attorney salt lake city.

It will be crucial to understand that the complainant or the plaintiff is out to get you. Therefore, you need someone that you can trust and whom you can repose your wholehearted confidence. In addition, you need someone that can provide you the best legal representation in Salt Lake City. Moreover, you will need to have a lawyer that will carefully and thoroughly study your case, assess the legal situation, evaluate the possibility of mediation and/or amicable settlement, and represent you in court should the need arise.

In this way, the Criminal attorney salt lake city will have a good grasp of the case. An attorney who has a good grasp of the case will make sure to defend your rights that are granted under the Constitution and pursue appropriate legal actions. If this is the case, our law firm will happily render service to you. In fact, we already have served a lot of defendant clients in the past. They are all happy that we have provided them with the best legal representation in the city that resulted in the most favorable judgment possible considering the legal situation they are in. Contact our law firm today to discuss your legal situation.

What One Should Know about Military Coins?

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The public in general is not really aware of the main purpose of military coins but all members of the military are very much aware of the real meaning of these coins. The specific mission or military unit to whom a military coin is bestowed upon usually considers the coin as a prized possession while another unit sees this as collectible token. The military coin is more often than not personalized according to that branch of the military where the coin will be given.

According to history, military coins originated one hundred years ago in the Army Air Corp. This was first developed during the World War I. There is a custom or personalized military coin for all the branches of the military. Some of these military branches that are recipients of custom coins are the Air Force, the Army, the Marines, the National Guard and the Coast Guard. Each and every military branch has a personal emblem which represents a specific division in the armed forces. This custom military coin is usually granted to those who show an act or both courage and bravery while performing their military duty.

Most military coins, more military coinsoften than not are specifically designed for all the members of the branch whom these coins are originally planned to be presented to. The customized design of the coin and the act of gifting the coin are oftentimes endowed with a special meaning that the recipient will appreciate. Aside from a military coin, this particular coin is also sometimes referred to as honor coins, unit coins, collector coins, and the most popular one is the challenge coin.

A custom military coin is normally given by either a commanding officer or any officer with a higher ranking in the military. Even the president can give out a military coin to someone in the service whose performance is deemed outstanding. Most members of all military branches do not bestow military coins very lightly. Since these coins are considered meaningful, whoever receives these coins is aware that a military coin stands for a special thank for doing their job accordingly. Recipients believe that the unspoken meaning of these coins is far more significant and is more appreciated than a verbal expression.

A military coin will forever remain a symbol of pride for all of the members of the military. These coins are also a representation of the brotherhood that they share. They also stand for the commitment that brave soldiers both men and women who are willing to risk their lives to protect and honor the country.

Today, a military coin can be made from several types of metals. Some of the usual materials used by those who craft these coins are silver, bronze, copper, nickel and gold. These coins are also minted in different shapes and sizes. The material, shape, and size of a specific military coins are dependent on two things. The first consideration is the branch of the military that will be the recipient of the coins. The second consideration, on the other hand, is the personal preference of the individual who is having the coins made.

Military coins, in spite of of the shape or the size, will always be considered collectible coins. Each and every recipient or collector of these coins believes that these must be conserved and passed on to the future generation. A military member who earned to coin usually gives it out to his children and even his grandchildren because this remains a family pride. This is also because the recipient performed a good job during his time in the military.

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Custom challenge coins have a distinguished history, dating back at least to World War I. If you’re shopping for military coins, challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop, no-hassle solution to all your custom coin needs!

How to Choose the Best Fireproof Safes for Your Home?

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There are many things worth keeping which is not limited to cash, jewellery, and documents. People treasure photographs, paintings, pieces of art, and even letters. Many people choose safes to keep these items. In fact, the need for safety keeping is the reason why safes are manufactured and made available today. Fireproof safes, burglar-resistant safes, simple safes, and almost all types of safes are there to match your safe-keeping needs. There are indeed a lot of safe manufacturers and distributors to help people keep their valuables. The problem though is the number of safes available in the market; people are confused as to what type of safe they should buy.

For some people though, Fireproof safesburglary is not an issue because they keep valuables for sentimental reasons and not the actual value. Hence, they resort to the use of safes that can withstand fire. It is impractical to choose an anti-burglary safe but later on lose all your prized possessions to fire. However, there are safes now which are fire-resistant and at the same time resistant of burglary. To help people identify the best safes for their needs, here are some tips on how to choose the best fireproof safes.

1. Know what you need

The first thing you need to consider in buying a safe is your needs because safes are generally expensive. The more protection a safe affords, the higher the price of the safe. To save money therefore, you must choose the appropriate safe for you. Choosing a safe depends on where the safe would be located: home, office, or document storage. Safes which are fireproof are the best choice for office and document storage rooms because of the importance of the records which cannot be reproduced most of the time. For the home however, especially when you keep cash, jewellery, or guns, the best choice would be an anti-burglar safe. But if you think that no one would bother to steal your valuables, it is best to keep it safe against fire.

2. The items which will be placed on the safe

The main reason for buying a safe is safekeeping—safekeeping items which are valuable. The common types of safes are gun safes, wall safes, cash safes, deposit safes, and data storage safes. They may be fireproof or not so you must choose the best safe depending on your needs. Hence, the act of choosing the best safe depends on how valuable the items are and the size of the items.

Here are some questions to guide you. Are the items prone to theft? If not, then choose fireproof safes because you can protect these items from peril which is fore. Are the items one of a kind and cannot be reproduced? If your answer is in the affirmative, you must choose fireproof safes. You must also consider the size of the items. If they are small, then a safe would be enough but if the items are bulky and in large quantities, you may choose a vault.

3. Consider the degree of threat

The next thing you need to consider in choosing a safe that can withstand fire is the degree of threat. There are different types of safes which are fireproof. Some can withstand several hours of fire and some can withstand about an hour or two. This should be considered in relation with the value of the things to be stored. If the area is susceptible to fires and the fire stations are not close, better choose a safe that can withstand several hours. If not, then choose a simple fireproof safe that can wait for the fire truck once fire started.

4. The degree of protection needed

Another thing you have to remember is the degree of protection your valuable needs. As you know, safes are not cheap—the more protection they provide, the higher the price. If you can determine the degree of protection needed whether minimal, medium, or maximum, you can get the best deal for your money. Price should never be an issue because the items you’ll put in your safe are more valuable.

2014’s Best Golf Putters based on performance

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Nearly every putter brand proclaims that their golf putters are the best in the industry. Knowing the best putter brand can be a little difficult especially without help. Golf Digest put together a hot list based on several factors including: performance, award, street price, look/feel/sound, demand or innovation.

This list of top 10 putter brands is based on performance:

golf puttersHaving five stars on performance, the Ping Karsten TR tops Golf Digest’s Hot List of putter brands based on performance. Variable-depth grooves are milled directly into the face, as opposed to the milled inserts in the Scottsdale TR putters. This provides unmatched distance control. Grooves are deepest in the center and shallower towards the perimeter. This improves ball-speed consistency and distance control. The Ping Karsten TR is available in a fixed-length shaft and in an adjustable version that can be modified between 31 inches and 38 inches.

Ranking second is the Ping Nome TR. Just like the Karsten TR, the face features variable-depth grooves that promote consistent impact across the face. Although the size is not subtle, these prototypical golf putters exude consistency. The Nome TR offers easy alignment and distance control. The bold alignment feature makes the head easy to aim. Three shaft bends are available to suit every stroke type.

Third on the list is the Ping Scottsdale TR. This putter is designed to produce similar results on strikes all over the face. The body is 17-4 stainless steel and the insert is aerospace-grade 6061 T6 aluminium that is made to replicate the sound and feel of a traditional steel face. Adjustable-length shafts optimize the fit.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select GoLo5 ranks fourth in Golf Digest’s Hot List based on performance. These golf putters comes with a Pistolero grip and two neck configurations that allow its user to choose their preferred set-up appearance and dynamic feel. It features an aluminium soleplate with an internal ring and a CNC-milled stainless steel body to enhance the sound.

Fifth place goes to the Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport. Some claims that this putter is like as reliable, consistent and trustworthy as an old friend. The face is milled from 303 stainless steel and the standard loft has been reduced from previous models to 3A  degrees.

Although the red label on the face cheapens the look, Odyssey White Hot Pro Series (blade) lands on the sixth place. The gunmetal finish is intended to reduce glare while the new insert-casting process produces more precise thickness and flatness tolerance for improved consistency.

Seventh on Golf Digest’s Hot List is Odyssey White Hot Pro Series (mallet). Instead of injection-molded inserts, the White Hot insert is cast which gives the material a more consistent molecular structure. The result is an insert that has more reliable thickness, flatness, sound and feel.

The Ping Scottsdale TR (blade) ranks eight on Golf Digest’s Hot List. The aluminium face plate of this putter has deeper grooves towards the center compared to the grooves at the toe and heel. This counteracts the loss of ball speed that comes with mis-hits.

Landing on the ninth place is the TaylorMade Ghost Spider S putter. Many claim that this is the best Spider yet. There is a slant-hosed model with its 30 degrees of toe hand that is best for those with arced strokes. The face-balanced single-bend-shaft model is best for straight strokes.

Tenth place goes to TaylorMade Ghost Spider S Slant. The lightweight aluminum centre and the heavy steel frame place the moment of Inertia among the highest Golf Digest had reviewed. The PureRoll Surlyn insert balances incredibly soft with solid in its feel. It also has a smooth roll off the face. Focus, accurate aim, and stroke awareness are efficiently provided by the black or white frame and single white centre-line promotes focus, accurate aim and stroke awareness.

While choosing one of these golf putters can help a player, these brands cost much. If you only happen to play golf as a hobby, there is no need to invest in pricey putters such as these.

Icelandic Fish Oil: Supporting all People of All Ages

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Icelandic fish oil is one of the most famous brands among the fish oil supplement markets. Aside from its high quantity of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, it is manufactured with the utmost quality possible by molecular distillation, a process that provides a 100% toxin-free result. Fishes used in its manufacture are naturally from Iceland, a country that is famously known far and wide for its clean, non-polluted and pure waters. Iceland is also a cold country, and it is believed that fishes which thrive in deeper, colder regions have higher Omega 3 content compared to fishes which usually delve in warm waters.

This property of Icelandic fish oil is specifically important to avid fish oil supplement consumers, because it means that they can supply their body with Omega 3 while not being scared of having to swallow and digest mercury and other dangerous chemicals present in the supplement.

Icelandic fish oil is contained in enteric, soft-gel capsules. These capsules are easy to swallow and digest, and the health benefits inside it is all for the taking. Different people of different ages can get as many benefits as possible from this amazing fish oil.


fish oilFish oil brings good news to babies and young kiddos alike. According to some research, the body and brain size are larger for fetuses with mothers having regular fish oil or fish meat intake. An intake of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as folic acid by pregnant women is greatly emphasized by doctors, because both help in minimizing the probability of the fetus to develop brain disease and other anomalies like mental retardation.

Omega 3 fatty acids promote brain development in infants and toddlers. There have been studies as well linking the Omega 3’s role in treating developmental problems among children such as ADHD and autism.


One inevitable sign of aging is development of arthritis and joint pains. Omega 3 fatty acids can significantly reduce joint pains and even help in inflammation problems of the elderly, like rheumatism. These fatty acids also help in maintaining blood pressure.


Icelandic fish oil aids in beauty as well. There have been researches that back up the ability of Omega 3 to considerably minimize varicose veins, which is a circulatory system disease. Moreover, younger-looking skin is observed among women who are in regular intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.


Studies have correlated Omega 3 fatty acids to lowered risk of heart disease and strokes. Omega 3 fatty acids, in appropriate amounts, can decrease the low-density lipoproteins or LDL in the body, which is bad cholesterol. Consequently, the probability of developing heart attacks and other cardiovascular disease is also reduced.


There have been clinical evidences which conclusively relate Omega 3 from fish oil to treatment of mental health problems including depressions, as well as cognitive deterioration or dementia. However, more studies are continuously being carried out by experts to further prove these claims.

Naturally molecularly distilled Icelandic fish oil for purity and potency

Choosing Solo 401K Providers

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As an independent contractor it is vital that you ensure that you have a plan for your retirement. You should ensure that you can retire comfortably whether your business continues to run or not. A solo 401K scheme is one of the best options for investing in your future. To get a solo 401K account, you will need solo 401k providers. These are companies that manage your solo 401K account on your behalf. For anyone who has attempted to choose a provider, you will understand that this is not the easiest process. There are various providers that are not reliable.

The following are tips to help you identify reliable solo 401K providers.


It is important to check that the provider has the knowledge and experience to handle this type of investment. You should ensure that you will get the best advice and management for your account. You should therefore check to see what types of accounts the providers have been handling in the past.
There are some companies that deal with specific retirement accounts e.g. solo 401k or self directed 401K. If you are interested in a specific type of account and have already made your mind up, you may find it easier and more profitable to deal with a specialist company.


It is important to ensure that the solo 401k Providers have the right training to enable them to properly manage your account. Ask the providers that you have approached what their educational background is and ensure that they are from accredited institutions. A great mix of education and experience is sure to produce great fruit.


One of the most important factors self employed individuals consider when searching for solo 401K providers is the cost of their services. It is important to ensure that you are choosing a service that you can afford for the long term. An expensive service may not be sustainable for you and will therefore not allow you to benefit from the account in your twilight years.

Take your time to contact several solo 401K providers to request them for quotations. Ask them to include details of their services and a break down of the costs. You will therefore be able to compare the services in detail and determine which service offers greater worth. It is important to take your time when selecting a solo 401k provider. Ensure that you choose a provider that will meet your requirements.

Outdoor Sectional: Commonly Utilized Materials

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When shopping for an outdoor sectional, you will have a vast variety to choose from. There are many options of materials that are utilized in making outdoor sectionals. One of the materials that are utilized is plastic. If you are looking for a sectional made of some thick, sturdy materials yet light to lift, plastic would be the best option. Due to the light weight of plastic, chairs made from it are easy to lift and they can be easily moved from one place to the other. The plastic sectionals are available in many colors to choose from. You are free to buy some matching cushions.

Another material commonly used in making an outdoor sectional is tubular metal. The metallic sectionals are advantageous since they are very durable. Compare to other types of materials used in making sectionals, metal is the most durable. The metallic options come in a variety of colors accompanied by some matching cushions. Some of the sectionals are equipped with some wheels and this makes moving the chairs very easy. Though the metallic sectionals may not be as weather resistant as the plastic options, they are easy to maintain. Some of the maintenance procedures that may be necessary with the metallic seats include regular repainting.

The most elegant outdoor sectional could be that made from wood. For making outdoor sectionals, some weather resistant wood such as teak and cedar is utilized. The weather resistant wood will not rot when rained on or chirp when exposed to hot weather conditions. The wooden sectionals come accompanied with some matching cushions. Unlike the plastic sectionals, those made from wood are likely to be heavier. To avoid straining while moving them from one place to the other, they also come with some accompanying wheels. You can wheel them across the compound with relative ease.

To further prolong the life of your outdoor sectional, you would paint it with the sealant that is commonly used on wooden decks. This will indeed help to prolong its life and beauty as well. Investing in an outdoor sectional involves parting with some considerable amount of money. However, if you consider the level of comfort that will come with the sectional, you will realize that it is indeed a worthy investment. The benefits that come with owning a sectional outweighs the costs incurred in acquiring one by far. When buying a sectional, you need to evaluate several options. Determine the strengths and the weaknesses of each of them. Then proceed to make an informed purchase.

The ultimate Cooling fans

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We are one of the largest and most diversified manufacturers of cooling fans. We design and develop a range of high volume low speed cooling fans that may be customized according to your requirements. Our cooling fans are not only energy saving, they also are comfortable and highly efficient and effective. We design, develop and manufacture a wide variety of cooling fans for commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and residential buildings and requirements. We offer a wide variety of cooling fans for a variety of industry and other commercial needs.

We have a sprawling research and development campus, as well as another huge manufacturing facility. Our research and development facility is equipped with state of the art equipments and machineries. They are also one of the few certified testing labs around the country. We also use the latest and the best software for computer aided designs. Our very talented engineers at the R&D facility take deep understanding from the industry experts about their expectations and needs for cooling fans. They also undertake detailed visit to plants and manufacturing units for first-hand experience. Combined with the latest and path breaking knowledge from the science of air movement and flow, they design and develop the best cooling fans, customized for every industry, or every need. Factors regarding ventilation and air flow passage, and the best material to suit the environment are kept in mind while designing the superbly efficient cooling fans. All these factors reach the peak when these designed models are rigorously tested by our expert team of engineers, covering every aspect of these cooling fans. This is the secret to our most effective, efficient and reliable cooling fans that are used over thousands of different applications across the globe.

Our cooling fans are not only durable, but also they are extremely safe and energy efficient. The fans are also extremely powerful and durable as we use the best quality materials to manufacture these fans. Our cooling fans are made from the most powerful and efficient motors and can run on for hours on end without any glitch. They are also manufactured using the cutting edge technology and precision designed ball bearings. The precision engineering use in building these fans also makes them heavy duty working with excellent performance and a silent operation. These entire ranges of cooling fans are super energy savers and cut down on power consumption to a huge extent. They are also one of the greenest cooling fans available.

We have been also known for our prompt and efficient service that is also world class. We manufacture specialized cooling fans for use our cooling fans for outdoor events, manufacturing units, warehouses, institutions, electronic industry. We also manufacture cooling fans for the armed forces, and domestic needs. Some of our fans are also used in the entertainment industry for a variety of purposes. We also design and develop customized cooling fans to meet certain needs.

We also offer extended warranty for all our products. We also offer repair and installation services for most of our products. We have been one of the most reliable and depended-upon cooling fans companies for our world class customer services. We also offer exciting deals and discounts for commercial and bulk orders.

Setting the Best Dehumidifiers

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Humidity may be considered as one of the most common problems in the household. This is especially a problem in basements. Because the basements are located underground, you will discover that the level of moisture that the air can currently absorb is dependent on the total surface area of the room. If you are unable to check out the humidity levels on a regular basis, you will eventually discover that the mildew and the mold may become rampant before you even know it. In this article, you will discover how you can use the best dehumidifiers on a regular basis.

You have to locate the nearest store where you can purchase a dehumidifier. After purchasing the best dehumidifiers, you can immediately proceed to determine the exact location where you should place the dehumidifier. Ideally, this should be an area where the equipment will not be prone to standing water.

You need to plug the machine in a wall outlet. Before you activate the dehumidifier, you have to make sure that the cord is securely plugged on the outlet. In the long run, this can save you from a lot of electrically related problems that you can experience in the future.

You need to turn the knob of the machine to the right. You have to do this until you have activated the machine. Turning the knob more towards a clockwise direction will encourage increased amounts of drying for the air inside your household. Turning the knob towards the opposite direction will have the opposite effect for the level of moisture inside the room.

Fan Speed
After turning the knob of the best dehumidifiers, you may proceed to set the appropriate level of fan speed for the machine. For most of the available dehumidifiers in the market, you can set the fan to high level or low level. If you choose the high level for the fan, you can remove an increased amount of moisture from the air in the room. However, you may need to bear with the louder sound from the fan. On the other hand, the low fan speed can provide you with a more quiet experience. However, it may take you some time before you can remove a large percentage of moisture in the air.

As soon as you notice the red light in the best dehumidifiers blinking, you should immediately check out the water bucket that comes with the machine. A red light typically indicates that the bucket is already full. Therefore, you need to empty the bucket to prevent congestion for the machine. Before you proceed with water emptying, you have to turn off the control knob. If this does not seem to work, you may have to check out the operation manual.


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I knew from the beginning that I would sell my 1999 Lincoln on I’d sold small things through the website before and everything worked out well. But this time I was selling a car and there are deceptive people out there. My daughter-in-law told me about escrow websites and encouraged me to research them.

After thoroughly reading about each of the escrow websites, I determined that was the best choice. Their process was simple. The buyer and I would agree on a purchase price, an inspection period, and delivery details. would do the rest, including collect money from the buyer, do a title search, find vehicle records on my car, and handle the final details. If the buyer didn’t like my car, I’d get my money back.

There was only one more step. I contacted my attorney and asked if he’d ever heard anything negative about escrow websites. He assured me that there were several reliable escrow companies on the web, and was probably at the top of his list. He offered this information without my asking.

It wasn’t long before I got a call about my Town Car. The young man was a married college student. He and his wife had just had a baby boy. They wanted a car for her that was, in his words, “built like a tank,” that would protect them both. Well, my car definitely qualified. He also knew that Town Cars were reliable and not difficult to maintain. In fact, he planned to do any maintenance on it himself. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think maybe this was just a story he’d made up to play on my sympathies.

Sure enough, he was concerned about the purchase price. I was asking a bit more than he had available, and he wondered if I’d negotiate. I replied that we could discuss that, after he agreed to use for the buying and selling process. He was unfamiliar with the concept, but when I explained it to him, he agreed that it sounded like a fair way to go. He said that he certainly didn’t want to look like someone who would take advantage of an “older lady.” (I wasn’t sure I appreciated that remark, true as it was!) We negotiated a lower price.

Completing the details with was an easy process. The few questions I had were answered expertly and in a friendly manner. I always appreciate good customer service, and they certainly provided it.

The young family came to my house to see the car. They liked what they saw and the wife drove it away for a few days’ inspection time. The husband soon called me, said the car was perfect for them, and thanked me for suggesting He was glad we were both protected during the buying and selling process.

I know if I have another big-ticket item to sell, I will, by all means, use